5 ton Air Winch

MRH50 air winch is a kind of single drum type air winch. It adorps compressed air as its power to drive air motor, driving drum via gearbox ( to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque) so as to lift and drag heavy cargo.

1 ton Air Winch

The Air Winch is powered by compressed air instead of electricity. VAC PAC Company has a wide range of Air Winch machines. Please, contact our specialists , they will help you to choose Air Winch technical characteristics in accordance with the application.

1,5 ton MRH15 Air Winch VACPAC

Air Winch MRH15 VACPAC. The Air Winches are available in different sizes. From small to large. 

VACPAC can offer customized devices  adapted to individual customer’s demands.

2 ton MRH20 Air Winch VACPAC

MRH20 Air Winch VACPAC.

VACPAC Air Winches are the first choice for users seeking the lowest Life Cycle Cost and the highest possible return of their investment.